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An age-old mystery, a risky assignment,
a marriage devised to suppress a secret…

Ethereal Lark Blackwell has been hidden within Somerset Manor most of her young life. Few guessed her existence. With the death of her mentor comes the command to marry the new Lord Somerset. He is to protect her, to introduce her to Society, and to keep hidden the mystery of her beginnings. Ha! After his shocked tirade and obvious disdain of the arrangement, she would not marry him even if he were the last man on God’s green earth.

Jonathon Rexley, Lord Somerset, cannot help falling in love with the mute beauty who talks with her hands. Without this marriage, the estate falls to his wastrel brother, who already seems to have charmed the lady. Gad, but he is torn. Despite his love, the possibility exists that in her fire-blackened past, she could be his half-sister. Marry her, yes. Touch her, never.

may just be the death of the Jonathan Rexley


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